Ceramic Pipe #RS02 Color: Strawberry Sundae

Ceramic Pipe #RS02 Color: Strawberry Sundae


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Ceramic Tobacco Pipe

These tobacco pipes are made in the United States. Bisqued to cone 04, made with low fire stoneware clay, fired at cone 06. Fired with food safe/dinnerware safe glazes.

This Pipe is made from ceramic which can withstand extreme high heat, unlike glass or metal.

The Stem is designed to be graceful yet strong. (with limits)

The pipe is crafted with a tapering bore ending in a slotted outlet to promote even burning and less tobacco lost in corners. 

The Bowl is ergonomically contoured to fit your smoking needs.

No-Tip Flat Bottom keeps pipe from tipping over.

Small Size makes it easy to carry in the palm of your hand or a convenient pocket.

Wash the outside with just mild soap and water. 

Clean the piece by boiling or with standard pipe cleaners and/or alcohol.

Dimensions of pipe:
Height: 3in"
Width: 1.75in"
Made In USA